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We have been providing people with professional and effective treatment for aches and pains, as well as more complex problems, here in Falmouth for over 80 years. We can treat patients privately, funded by private insurance, or on the NHS.

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If you have any queries or would like to make an appointment, you’re welcome to pop in, call our receptionist on 01326 312466


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For a first appointment the fee is £42. This includes a consultation as well as treatment.

For subsequent treatments the fee is £38.

For students, and children under the age of 16, the fee is £38 for an initial appointment and £33 for subsequent appointments. If you are a student, please just bring along Student ID to your first appointment.


As we are a busy clinic, we would appreciate at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel your appointment – otherwise a fee may be payable

Opening hours

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Monday. 9am to 7pm
Tuesday. 9am to 5pm
Wednesday. 9am to 8pm
Thursday. 4pm to 8pm
Friday. 9am to 1pm
(Saturday. Closed)
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What to expect at an appointment

After this, the osteopath will explain to you what they feel is causing your condition and discuss with you a treatment plan including – what the osteopath can do to help, what you might be able to do to help yourself or whether you need to be referred to another healthcare professional. They will also outline an estimate of how many sessions are likely to be required to treat your condition successfully.

Finally, the osteopath will, if appropriate, treat you, usually with a ‘hands-on’ approach, which is likely to include manipulation, mobilisation, cranial technique, massage and stretching techniques as well as advice on exercises and other lifestyle changes that may help your condition.

If you have any questions during any part of the appointment, do ask the osteopath who will do their best to answer.

When you arrive, check-in with the receptionist. They will take some contact details from you.

On your first appointment with Matt or Helen, they will take a detailed history of your condition including a full medical history. They will also ask you some questions to determine the best way of examining you. You might be asked to remove some of your clothing near the area of the body to be examined, in order for the osteopath to observe you making simple movements. You may wish to bring a pair of shorts if you don’t think you’ll feel comfortable in your underwear.

After observing your movements, the osteopath will probably undertake a few simple tests or other examinations, such as taking your reflexes or blood pressure depending on your condition. Then, using their highly trained sense of touch (palpation), the osteopath will undertake an assessment of your condition.


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